Route Scouting and Development

Route Scouting and Development

Route scouting refers to discussion and investigation of completely different routes to the target molecules. Recently, route scouting for preclinical and clinical development has emerged as an important area of interest. The impact of good route selection can be vital to the commercial viability of a product. Selecting the optimal route to make your molecules can have a big impact on the cost of goods as well as the environment of your route.

Route Scouting and Development

Through accessing to latest literature and reference at reputed libraries and keeping up with the latest development, chemists from BOC Sciences are working on designing novel, economic and scalable routes to meet individual needs of customers. All routes are ordered according to key manufacturing standards, including any additional restrictions, such as intellectual property protection, absolute cost requirements, or environmental impacts. Our chemists can adjust and improve existing synthetic routes through custom synthesis, or design new synthetic routes to support you to synthesize any challenging molecules. We are capable of providing first-class route scouting for a range of target compounds.

Typical workflows for projects in BOC Sciences:

  • Evaluation: based on our experience and literature, several routes were proposed to study the feasibility of the project.
  • Screening: we provide an overall picture of the likelihood of running a route or reaction during reasonable lab hours.
  • Optimization: if the customer is interested in a larger scale reaction, we optimize all parameters to achieve the highest yield and purity at the lowest possible cost.
  • Pilot: once all parameters and costs have been identified, we will respond by checking the robustness of the method at different scales (from several hundred grams to a few kilograms); the customer will assess the quality and decide whether to proceed.
  • Verification: several semi-production runs will take place to verify the consistency of the process.

Our Advantages

  • Develop new synthetic routes for target molecules.
  • Routing validation: provide our customers with different batches.
  • Optimize difficult reaction steps from existing routes.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology and global scientific talent pool.
  • Separation and structure determination of impurities.
  • BPC supply: work with our partners at the GMP pilot plant.
  • Full quote, either full-time equivalent (FTE) or service fee (FFS) mode.
  • State-of-the-art facilities are readily accessible to kg laboratories, allowing manufacturing to a multi-kilogram scale.
  • Identify key points in an alignment to improve it economically and forcefully.

If new synthetic routes need to be designed or developed, BOC Sciences can provide innovative new synthetic routes. We draw on the wealth of talent and experience within the company and keep abreast of current trends in synthetic chemistry. Our recognized knowledge of all issues related to custom synthesis, process research, and amplification leads to a viable synthesis route that meets all requirements. Scientists of BOC Sciences have the skill and experience necessary to meet the requirements of any customers, and can constantly suggest the most innovative and creative synthetic routes.


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