Early Stage Formulation Development and Proof

Early Stage Formulation Development and Proof

In the dog-eat-dog market, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, more and more corporations are facing with the ongoing challenge of how to allocate research and development (R&D) resources to make the process work in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way. Given the fact that only small amounts of APIs are available in the early phases of development, R&D productivity continues to be a key challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. To ensure that the most promising drug candidates eventually hit the market, approaches that can help de-risk the drug development process and avoid costly late-stage failures are needed urgently.

Scientists from BOC Sciences can assist our customers to make the drug development process work better in an overall economic environment with declining budgets and tighter resource allocation. Our drug development services intend to cover a broad spectrum of early formulations including basic aspect and development aspect. By comprehensively analyzing the physicochemical properties of the compounds, we offer you the package solutions and strategies such as the general development schemes, recommended excipient use range, experimental procedures and the like.

Our Scientists have decades of experience developing a breadth of formulations across a range of indications. The innovative approaches developed by our experts will be combined with our extensive experience in processing numerous molecules at all stages of drug development. By pursuing the unique technique advantages and professional knowledge persistently and consistently, we are confident to provide you with the products and services include but not limited to as follows:

  • Solutions
  • Suspensions (microsuspensions & nanosuspensions)
  • API filling into bottles (powder in bottles)
  • API encapsulation
  • Dry blending and encapsulation
  • Liquid fill into hard gelatin capsules
  • Spray drying (enabling technology)
  • Granulation and encapsulation/ tableting
  • Direct compression
  • Sachets

BOC Sciences has highly competent formulation development teams to help you design and optimize the dosage forms for powders, capsules, liquids and solids, semi-solids, inhaled, nasal, nebulised and topical drug formulations. In addition to the heavy-duty facilities, a suit of miniaturized but scalable instrumentations such as the miniaturized conical planet mixer planet, miniaturized extrusion equipment, miniaturized granulation equipment, and miniaturized dissolution testing services using well plates are also provided. And they have the following advantages:

  • Low API consumption per batch
  • High throughput of formulations and dissolution as production of formulations and cleaning of equipment is much faster than that with commercial equipment
  • Less consumption of lab space
  • Highly efficient, timely and accurate


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