Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry is an integrated discipline which links many scientific fields in researching and developing new drugs. Medicinal chemistry deals with the design, optimization and development of chemical compounds for use as drugs. It is inherently a multidisciplinary topic, i.e., beginning with the synthesis of potential drugs followed by studies investigating their interactions with biological targets to understand the medicinal effects of the drug, its metabolism and side-effects.

Medicinal Chemistry

Below is a list of our available medicinal chemistry services:

BOC Sciences has created a series of unique and high-purity compound libraries which are designed for hit screening, including HTS libraries, DNA encoded chemical library, fragment libraries, activity-based libraries and custom libraries, diversity libraries, targeted and focused Libraries. In addition, we can provide the compound library design service according to customer requirements.

We offer comprehensive services in this order: Hit identification from any of libraries with high-throughput screening, then take advantages of our rich knowledges and experiences to advance compounds from hit to lead and lead optimization. In the meantime, a chemical resynthesis work is carried out to provide enough quantities for activity verification and structure optimization.

Our computer-aided drug discovery (CADD) services apply simulation techniques and software to help drug discovery program, including structure based drug design, compound docking, virtual screening, activity prediction, QSAR prediction and physicochemical prediction.

Our Advantages

End to end service pattern

We offer integrated approaches from hit discovery to preclinical candidate and maximize efficiency by accessing the widest range of services.

Our medicinal chemistry team is world-class, with many scientists bringing a wealth of experience from previous employment in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Our project management team has a lot of experience in all aspects of new drug projects. Much experience with coordinating ADME, crystallography, and assay services, and we offer solutions for maintaining a database for all project data. They are adept at planning, organizing, managing, and assigning resources so as to achieve a specific goal.

We have the most advanced equipment and laboratories to support work in chemical synthesis, drug discovery and computational chemistry.

BOC Sciences has a strong team of scientists from different disciplines, including chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, toxicologists and microbiologists, with a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Recognizing the best path to an optimal drug profile requires experience and understanding.

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