Innovative Formulation Technology Services

Innovative Formulation Technology Services

Given the increasingly fierce competition in the pharmaceutical industry, innovative drug delivery systems are now the go-to approach for both new chemical entities development and refinement or repurposing of the approved drug products. Not only for the reasons of commercial concerns include intellectual property, life-cycle management, cost and market differentiation, innovative formulations also offer many more preponderances such as increasing the efficacy and duration of drug activity, improving patient compliance and reducing unwanted side effects. In this case, investigation of the novel formulation technologies can provide potential value-added opportunities for both generic drugs and innovative pharmaceuticals.

BOC Sciences has great professional teams and good technologies to provide R&D services that span all stages of pharmaceutical development, method validation and transfer. With advanced technique platforms, our highly-trained formulators are specialized in formulation design and optimization of various dosage forms such as oral, topical and parenteral preparations. By comprehensively understanding the physical and chemical properties of each compound, unique and innovative solutions can be offered for each formulation to allow our clients to expand their intellectual property portfolios.

Modified release formulation

Modified release, an approach to alter the manner in which API releases and absorbs in the body, is a technology relies on the porosity, solubility or erosion characteristics of the matrix formulation, which determines the slow release of drug molecule through the outer coating. Modified release formulation represents a drug delivery method that can be optimized to balance therapeutic needs and reduce dosing frequency by delivering the active ingredients over a defined period of time. Many factors such as patients' general demands and therapeutic need have driven the development of modified release formulations. BOC Sciences is recommended by our clients as an excellent provider of various kinds of dosage forms and has broad experience in modified release formulations development. With a wide range of modified release technologies, our scientists are capable of offering various formulation development services from gastro-retention to sustained and pulsatile release formats to our customers. The capabilities of designing modified release formulations in our laboratory can be categorized as below:

  • Swellable tablets (monolithic, bilayer, trilayer)-Gastro-retention
  • Enteric coated tablets or capsules-Gastric bypass
  • Matrix tablets, coated tablets or multiparticulates- Sustained or extended release
  • Tablets, capsules or multiparticulates- Targeted or controlled delivery
  • Bilayer tablets or multiparticulates- Biphasic release
  • Bilayer tablets or multiparticulates- Pulsatile release

Compliance of the patient is one of the major challenges for pharmaceutical manufacturers to extend the volume growth of their drug products. Sustained release or delayed release formulation, is a dosage form that releases the active ingredient steadily over an extended period of time, and it can be served as an efficient alternative method to increase medication acceptance. Additionally, such innovative formulation technology is a very attractive strategy for those companies engaged in pharmaceutical industry to differentiate their potentially generic products from the standard instant release versions in the market. Since sustained release formulations have gained considerable attraction, it will continue to be a major approach that is selected by most of formulators to enhance the patients experience with existing or new drugs. BOC Sciences has a unique combination of science and engineering expertise to meet customers’ specific needs at each stage of a product’s development and manufacturing cycle. Moreover, a distinct set of highly functional materials is available in our laboratory to support your intention for sustained release profiles design.

Microspheres or nanospheres, represent those spherical and uniform vehicles with size ranging from few nanometers to about one hundred micron, which have provided a broad range of high quality researches to the pharmaceutical companies. At BOC Sciences, each of your microsphere/nanosphere product will be carefully designed and manufactured by our highly trained scientists to meet or exceed the highest quality standards. Knowing that the microsphere development can be challenged by multiple variables, our professional work team will handle the variables and uncertainties carefully and eliminate the potential risk at the initial stage. Through integrating the custom-designed glass/glass-lined reactors, process controllers, and certified manufacturing practices, we offer the highest quality and constantly reproducible microspheres with an optimal size, functionality, and morphology. By choosing the microsphere offered by BOC Sciences, your needs can be met with:

  • Perfectly spherical shape
  • Truly uniform sizes range
  • Well characterized and quantified surface functionality
  • Magnetic microspheres and nanospheres
  • Dyed microspheres and nanospheres

Microcapsule represents an innovative drug delivery system that is consist of interior core (encapsulated with active ingredients in the form of either liquid or solid) and exterior shell (composed by polymer or wax). Our product development teams will work in conjunction with our customers to create a comprehensive development strategy and manufacturing plan. Due to its extensive experience in formulation, clinical trial material and commercial manufacturing, BOC Sciences has enough capabilities of making an economic and technical assessment for your project and provide corresponding solutions. In addition, our collective expertise in product development enables our formulation teams to efficiently select the most suitable technology, demonstrate formulation feasibility, and optimize formulations for our customers. By focusing on the key physicochemical properties of your compounds, tailored problem solutions specific to each dosage form are provided to ensure the highest potential of performance, stability and manufacturability.

The technology related to liposome offers a wide array of attractive attributes for drug delivery such as delivering high doses of drugs, forming a protective layer for active ingredients, improving pharmacokinetics and bioavailability, targeting delivery of drugs to action site and sustaining release of the active agents. BOC Sciences is a specialty company that has extensive experience in offering professional expertise to help clients to conduct their research, development and manufacture of liposome or nanoparticle. Our laboratory has established a vast library with state-of-the-art equipment to design suitable formulations for your liposomes or nanoparticles, such as surface-labeled, PEGylated, fluorescent, clodronate and other liposome formulations. By collaborating closely with our experienced formulators, your products will be ensured with batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility. At BOC Sciences, you can get the liposomes services include but not limited to follows:

  • Clodronate liposomes
  • plain-control liposomes for clodronate liposomes
  • Drug (doxorubicin, paclitaxel, camptothecin, etc.) loading liposomes
  • Plain-control liposomes for clodronate liposomes
  • Reactive liposomes for antibody, protein conjugation containing or without doxorubicin/genetic material
  • Fluorescent molecules labeled liposomes
  • ATP liposomes
  • Plain liposomes as artificial cell models
  • Liposomes used in dermatology


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