Glycan Synthesis

Glycan Synthesis

What is Glycan?

Glycan is a polymer compound consisting of multiple glycosyl units linked by glycosidic bonds. Glycan can form complex spatial structures such as helices, branched chains, and networks, which gives glycan its unique physical and chemical properties. Glycan is an important component of receptor molecules in cell membranes, and is a participant in cellular functions such as cellular recognition and information transfer. Glycan is a broad-spectrum immunomodulator and an important material of life, which is widely involved in various life activities. Recent studies have shown that glycan has good application prospects in immunomodulation, anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-oxidation and hypoglycemia, and is a focus of attention in modern medicine and food functional chemistry.

Glycan synthesis strategiesFig 1. Glycan synthesis strategies. (Hamilton et al., 2017)

BOC Sciences' Glycan Synthesis Services

  • Customization of glycan

BOC Sciences offers a wide range of custom synthesis services for glycan according to customer needs. Glycan customization provided by BOC Sciences can be achieved by chemical synthesis methods. This includes the stepwise synthesis of glycan chains starting from monosaccharide units, or the modification of the molecular structure of existing glycans to obtain the desired glycan. Among other things, structural modification of pre-existing glycans is also a common method of customization. By cutting, modifying or reorganizing the glycan molecules, glycans with different structures and properties can be obtained.

  • Types of glycan customization available
  • Custom glycogen synthesis
  • Custom polygalactose synthesis
  • Custom cellulose synthesis
  • Custom polyfructose synthesis
  • Customized glycosaminoglycan synthesis
  • Glycan modification services

Glycan modification includes two main categories, one is grafting modification of glycan molecules to increase the functional groups and molecular weight of glycan to improve its biological activity, and the other is degradation modification of glycan to reduce the molecular weight of glycan and improve its solubility in the aqueous phase so as to improve its activity.

Glycan molecules can be modified by chemical, biological and physical methods, etc. Chemical methods include sulfation, carboxymethylation, selenization, methylation, oxidation, partial hydrolysis, phosphorylation, and two-substituent derivatization, etc. With a wide range of experience in glycan modification, BOC Sciences is able to provide a variety of well-established modification technologies to our customers.

Glycan Molecular Weight Distribution Determination

Since glycan is a class of polymers, it does not have a fixed molecular weight and is a mixed system of homologues of different molecular weights. Therefore, the molecular weight of polymers is an average value, but there is a concept of distribution, and this molecular weight inhomogeneity is called polymer polymer polydispersity. BOC Sciences provides molecular weight distribution determination of glycan, which not only obtains the molecular weight distribution, molecular particle size, and molecular conformation, but also obtains the root-mean-square radius of gyration, the molecular aggregation state and other parameters, which can be used in solution characterization studies of various types of complex dispersed systems. This can be used to characterize the solution of various complex dispersed systems.

Advantages of BOC Sciences' Services

BOC Sciences has a wealth of experience in glycan preparation and offers a variety of service advantages:

  • Rich experience, mature technology route, stable and reliable product quality, can ensure high yield and high purity.
  • One-stop service, with perfect equipment, can be matched with a variety of analytical software.
  • We can analyze comprehensively according to customers' needs, design different experimental programs, and choose fast and suitable glycan preparation methods.
  • Professional technical support, ready to answer any questions that arise.

BOC Sciences is committed to providing customers with comprehensive custom glycan synthesis services within tight deadlines and at affordable prices. We can help our customers achieve on-demand synthesis of custom glycans, which can be customized to include glycogen, polygalactose, cellulose, polyfructose, glycosaminoglycans, and more. Feel free to contact us for your customized products.


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