Chiral Catalysts

Chiral Catalysts

There are three ways to obtain chiral compounds including resolution of racemic, chiral synthesis based on substrate induction and chiral catalytic synthesis. Among them, chiral catalytic synthesis is the most effective method, which can achieve chiral proliferation. A highly efficient chiral catalyst can induce the production of chiral product molecules from thousands to one million, or even more than the enzyme catalyzed level. Chiral catalyst can achieve highly efficient and enantioselective catalysis of a target reaction, which has to be well-tuned to make a perfect match among metallic ion, chiral ligand, additive, substrate and so on. In additions, the catalyst can be recycled without the change of composition, property and quality before and after the reaction. The relationship between the chiral catalyst and the reaction system is just like the relationship between the lock and the key, which is highly selective. Each chemical compound is synthesized by different kinds of chiral catalysts.

Example of Chiral Catalysts at BOC Sciences

Metal Catalysts

Metal catalysts are applied in the synthesis of some important natural products and pharmaceutical intermediates because of its high stereoselectivity, high catalytic activity and enantioselectivity. Chiral metal compounds as catalysts can be used for a series of reaction such as Asymmetric Cyanation reaction, Henry reaction, and Michael addition reaction.

Chiral ligands are linked to a polymer as carrier by covalent bond and complexed with the central atoms or ions, which synthesize polymer-supported chiral catalysts. Polymer-supported chiral catalysts are used in asymmetric synthesis such as alkylation, hydroformylation, Diels-Alder reaction, which have the advantages of both homogeneous and multiphase catalysts.

Biocatalysts use cells or enzymes as catalysts, which are known as the mildest catalytic and environmentally friendly reaction system. With the characteristics of their high purity, high efficiency and selectivity, and large quantity, they can be used to synthesize many chiral compounds, such as chiral pharmaceuticals, pesticides.

With the development of chemistry, Nano-catalysts are widely applied highly because they are possessing high surface to volume ratios, highly active and high surface energies. Since the small particle size of magnetic nanoparticles, the nano-heterogeneous catalysts can achieve similar or even higher activities compared with the homogeneous catalysts. Moreover, they can be reused after separation from the reaction system by using a magnet and simple regeneration process.

A spectacular progress in asymmetric catalytic reactions based on metal-free organic molecules have been witnessed. Organocatalytic reactions have been powerful tools in the construction of complicated compounds. Organocatalysts are synthesized by some simple organ compound such as saccharine or amino acid or natural product alkaloids. It is used catalytic carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions such as the Aldol reaction, Michael reaction in organic synthesis, which can be recycled and separated easily.

Our Advantages

BOC Sciences is proud to provide you with various chiral catalysts to help you synthesize compounds what you want. Our experts and chemists have rich experience and are expert at a wide variety of synthesis pathways. In addition, various techniques and a dedicated custom synthesis team are capable of synthesizing a compound in a short time.

Each step of product synthesis is subject to BOC Sciences’ stringent quality control. Typical delivery specifications include:

  • In quantities of several milligrams up to 100 grams.
  • Additional analyses, such as stability determination, impurity analysis, and residual solvents etc.
  • With diverse state-of-the-art technologies and approaches.
  • Quality assurance: HPLC chromatogram and Mass spec analysis.
  • Overnight shipping with suitable packs.


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