Hydrogenation is a chemical unit process, in which hydrogen (H2) and an element or a compound in the presence of a catalyst. Hydrogenation generally has the following two types: hydrogenation of unsaturated bonds and removal of certain protective groups (also known as hydrogenolysis). Almost all unsaturated groups can be directly hydrogenated into saturated groups in a highly stable organic compound. Hydrogenation reactions are not only applied in the organic synthesis in the laboratory, but also it has important applications in the fields of petrochemicals, energy, food and pharmaceuticals.

Our Available Hydrogenation Reaction types (include but not limited to the following):

  • Double and triple bond hydrogenation
  • Hydrogenation of nitro, nitrile, hydrazine, etc.
  • Syntheses of sugar alcohols from xylitol, lactitol, sorbitol, etc.
  • Phenol ring hydrogenation
  • Aldehydes hydrogenation

High efficiency reactor makes a difference

Although many important reactions require hydrogenation at high pressures, the experienced operators at BOC Sciences are capable of maintaining a versatile mix of low to high pressure hydrogenation. By utilizing a wide array of state-of-the-art instrumentations, we can offer a wide range of selective catalytic hydrogenation products for satisfying the client’s any special hydrogenation needs. BOC Sciences can provide you with highly efficient hydrogenation services by following advantages:

  • Shorter reaction time / shorter batch time
  • Lower temperature / lower pressure
  • Reduced solvent load
  • Higher selectivity / higher yield / better conversion rates
  • Lower catalyst consumption
  • Better space/time yields
  • Better product quality
  • A modern hydrogenation equipment is combined with gassing related modules along with an efficiently designed reactor cooling system
  • The right reactor combined with the extensive experience of our operators

BOC Sciences offers an effective combination of industry expertise, experience, online business tools, quality products and exceptional customer services. Our laboratories plants center allows us to demonstrate to you the feasibility of your request.


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