Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis (TA) refers to the method of analyzing the relationship between thermodynamic parameters or physical parameters as a function of temperature. The International Thermal Analysis Association defined thermal analysis in 1977 as “Thermal analysis is a technique for measuring the physical properties of a substance at a programmed temperature, and temperature dependence.” It is a very important analytical test method, which is widely employed in both scientific and industrial domains in its various guises.

The advantages of TA over other analytical methods can be summarized as follows:

  • Various temperature programs can be used to study samples over a wide temperature range
  • Various sample containers or accessories can be used to hold almost any physical forms of the samples (solid, liquid or gel)
  • Need a small amount of samples (0.1 μg-10 mg)
  • The atmosphere around the samples can be standardized
  • The time required to complete the experiment ranges from a few minutes to several hours

Our Thermal Analysis Techniques

Thermal Analysis


  • Determine heat capacity
  • Oxidation stability
  • Unknown impurity ID in the material
  • Characterization of polycrystalline materials
  • Characterize phase transitions in glass and other materials
Thermal Analysis


  • Solid or liquid thermal stability
  • Decomposition kinetics of volatiles
  • Absorb moisture content
  • Screening additives
Thermal Analysis


  • Measurement of dimensional changes
  • Linear coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Determination of material anisotropy
  • Softening temperature and glass transition
  • Linear thermal expansion
Thermal Analysis


  • Stress-strain
  • Creep recovery
  • Heat
  • Moisture-induced phase transition
  • Moisture-sensitive materials such as paper, fibers and food
  • With changes in humidity, swelling, shrinkage and hardness change

Why Choose BOC Sciences?

  • On-Time Analysis Results-99% of TA reports are sent to clients before or on the due date
  • Accurate Results-You rely on accurate results and 99% of TA results without any errors
  • Customer Loyalty-We always put our customers first, and your requirements are satisfied
  • Custom Report-We will work with you to send your results to you in a way that meets your needs.
  • Professional Staff-Our analysts have years of experience in the thermal analysis of various materials, and we can provide professional services for customers to develop new materials and optimize processes.


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