Custom-Made Compounds Labelling

Custom-Made Compounds Labelling

How to label the compound does matter in the chemical research and in the pharmaceutical industry. Until now, methods like positron emission tomography (PET) and dosimetry are being researched by experts to detect specific components or drug. With high and exquisite sensitivity, the labelling technologies we use is highly advanced. Any types of compound can be labelled through different way, like internal dosimetry, labeled probes, fluorescent labeling and so on, as needed in diagnostic nuclear medicine, cytochemistry, and biochemistry.

Below is a list of our Custom-Made Compounds Labeling Services:

  • Labeling Amines
  • Labeling Thiols
  • Labeling Carboxylic Acids, Aldehydes & Ketones
  • Labeling Proteins, Peptides & Antibodies

Our Advantages

  • Good labelling system that meets good manufacturing practices and has the ability to retrieve data from multiple systems for the same label without having to manually replicate the information.
  • Label formatting and content changes-including languages-by applying business logic to automatically update labels, so that you can keep up with constant variability while greatly reducing the number of templates.
  • Adopt a centralized labelling approach-where labels are created, shared and updated across an organization-to further optimize the labelling process and to improve overall supply chain efficiency.
  • You can pull information from trusted data sources as well as connect to new sources of data using the same system to ensure accuracy and consistency of the new chemical labels.
  • Using fluorescent labelling or UV as our tools which have excellent performance on labeling some functional groups.
  • Offer a great variety of probes with different labels and their combinations including Fluorescent Dyes, Labeling Kit & Reagents, and other Reactive labels.
  • Employ our database and experience to solve your request quickly and efficiently.
  • The click label, which is small enough to penetrate complex samples easily, is the key to fulfilling the detection purpose and can provide high sensitivity and low background signal.
  • Use double HPLC purified strategy. Failure sequences are removed during the first HPLC purification. The second HPLC is performed to remove unlabeled or excessive compounds. As a result, only labeled targets are obtained.

BOC Sciences is proud to provide you custom-made compounds labeling service. Our experts and chemists are professional to help you to make progress in your research. In addition, our team is very efficient to provide you with custom-made compounds labeling service in a short time.


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