Triglyceride Synthesis

Triglyceride Synthesis

Triglycerides are common lipids, which are formed by the acylation of glycerol and three fatty acids. The synthesis of triglycerides is a complex process that requires multiple steps and the synergistic action of a variety of participating substances. Triglycerides, as important lipids in the human body, play an important role in the normal functioning of the human body.

Synthesis of Triglycerides.

Synthesis of Triglycerides

The main precursors for the synthesis of triglycerides are lipoyl coenzyme A and L-α-phosphoglycerol. The latter can be generated from dihydroxyacetone phosphate, an intermediate metabolite of glycolysis, by the action of phosphoglycerol dehydrogenase, or from glycerol and ATP by the action of glycerol kinase. The first step in triglyceride synthesis is the acylation of the two free hydroxyl groups of alpha-phosphoglycerol by two molecules of lipoyl coenzyme A to produce L-alpha-phosphatidic acid in the presence of transglycerol acylase. Phosphatidic acid is acylated by phosphatidic acid phosphatase to form diglycerides. Glycerol diesters are converted to triglycerides with a third lipoyl coenzyme A by the action of transglycerol acylase.

Triglyceride Synthesis Services from BOC Sciences

  • Triglyceride synthesis pathway
  • Monoacylglycerol pathway

In mitochondria, lipoyl coenzyme A binds to glycerol to form lipoylglycerophosphate. This reaction is catalyzed by glycerophosphate synthase. In turn, lipoylglycerophosphate loses one phosphate group through a dehydration reaction to form lipoylglycerol. Lipoylglycerol reacts with two other lipoyl coenzyme A molecules to transfer two lipid acyl groups to glycerol through an acyltransfer reaction to form Triglyceride.

  • Glycerol-3-phosphate pathway

Fatty acids need to be prepared first, or you can customize fatty acids directly from us and activate them. And then, glycerol-3-phosphate is used and converted to sn-glycerol-3-phosphate, which serves as the backbone for triglyceride synthesis. Subsequently, fatty acyl coenzyme A and sn-glycerol-3-phosphate are combined to form phosphatidic acid. Finally, phosphatidic acid is catalyzed using phosphatidic acid phosphatase, which removes the phosphate group to produce triglyceride.

  • Preparation of different types of triglycerides
  • Preparation of medium chain triglycerides

Medium-chain triglycerides are triglycerides containing fatty acids of length C8 to C12, which have unique physicochemical properties such as low viscosity, low surface tension, good oxidative stability, and fast metabolism in the human body. BOC Sciences can be prepared by physical assisted synthesis method, which speeds up the transformation rate of reactant to product through physical assisted treatment of ultrasonic wave and microwave, and promotes the occurrence of esterification reaction.

  • Medium- and long-chain triglycerides

Medium- and long-chain triglycerides (MLCT) are novel functional structural lipids synthesized from medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA, C6~C12) and long-chain fatty acids (LCFA, C16~C22) bound to a glycerol skeleton. BOC Sciences can prepare MLCT by an enzymatic reaction, which speeds up the rate of the reaction and improves the purity of the product compared with the general chemical synthesis method. This method can accelerate the reaction rate and improve the product purity compared with the general chemical synthesis method, which can effectively promote the enhanced synthesis of MLCT, in addition, the CO2 can be recycled, which is not easy to cause environmental pollution.

Analysis of Triglyceride

After the preparation of Triglyceride, it is necessary to analyze and identify the structure of Triglyceride. Based on Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography (RP-HPLC) and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) technologies, BOC Sciences can provide rapid and accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of triglyceride to meet your different needs. Using HPLC, triglyceride and isomers can be analyzed for their composition, and accurate and detailed data and analysis reports can be provided.

BOC Sciences provides professional triglyceride preparation and analysis services to help you complete your lipid synthesis projects efficiently. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.

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