DNA Encoded Chemical Library

DNA Encoded Chemical Library

BOC Sciences can build various types of DNA-encoded chemical libraries, such as macrocyclic compounds, natural products, target-related compounds, peptide analogues, and other types. BOC has experience working with a variety of customers, and our experienced pharmaceutical discovery team uses dedicated information systems for data collection, modeling, and prediction to provide you with a full range of services from library synthesis to hit identification.

The Intorduction of DEL

DNA encoded chemical library (DEL) technology uses specific DNA fragments to "record" the identity of a single small molecular compound, used for synthetic transformations. And it uses the principle of combinatorial chemistry to synthesize a large number of compounds with DNA fragments in the order of 1 million to 10 billion. Then, the DNA-encoded library is mixed with the target protein for affinity screening, the non-binders should be eluted and filtered to obtain a set of compounds that could bind to the target protein. The DNA sequences of these DNA-small molecule conjugates are amplified by PCR and sequenced by high-throughput DNA. Because the DNA sequence and the small molecular compound are one-to-one correspondings, the researchers only need to read the DNA sequence on the compound to decode the structure of the corresponding compound.

DNA Encoded Chemical Library

DEL is a new small molecular drug screening technology, which involves the affinity selection process. This process combines chemistry, biology, bioinformatics, and computational chemistry to construct a large capacity diversity compound library faster and more effectively. Compared with the traditional high-throughput screening, DEL has great advantages in terms of actual compound capacity, difficulty in database construction, screening time and cost, and has become an important means to obtain lead compounds in drug research and development.

DNA Encoded Chemical Library Comparison of different library types.

Our Service Advantages

BOC Sciences provides global innovative drug R & D institutions and enterprises with a comprehensive range of DEL-based drug research and development services, from DEL library construction to affinity screening and customized synthesis of candidate active compounds. Please contact our experts to know more information about the DEL services that BOC Sciences can provide.

DNA Encoded Chemical Library


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