Activity-based Libraries

Activity-based Libraries

In general, screening libraries contain amounts of compounds for the demands of academia and industry, which is inconvenient for researchers to study in specific areas. Activity-based libraries are designed for researchers and can classify compounds according to their potential applications in different fields of drug discovery, combined with validated descriptors and compound properties. BOC Sciences provides customers with high-quality activity-based libraries services in an innovative way.

Our Advantages

  • Various structures with medicinal activity and cell permeability.
  • Biological activity and safety confirmed by preclinical research and clinical trials
  • NMR, HPLC and LC/MS are validated to ensure high purity and quality.
  • Abundant inventory and timely update

Activity-based libraries contain classic general active compound libraries. General active compound libraries cover tens of thousands of small molecules with known biological activities, including bioactive compound libraries, clinical compound libraries, FDA-approved drug libraries, drug repurposing compound libraries and bioactive compound libraries plus, etc. These libraries are suitable for drug function relocation, target confirmation, pharmacological research and research on the direction of cell differentiation, and can be used for high-throughput, high-content screening.

BOC Sciences provides customers with several categories of activity-based libraries (include but not limited to the following):

Bioactive Compound Libraries

Bioactive compound libraries are a collection of compounds that have biological activity and can cause biological reactions in cells, tissues and even individuals. Because the activity is clear and the target is known, bioactive compound libraries are very useful for drug discovery and new indication research. We can provide thousands of small molecule compounds with proven biological and pharmacological activities to meet your scientific research needs at all stages. You can customize the compound, quantity, format and many other requirements to meet your specific needs.

All compounds in the FDA-approved drug libraries have good biological activity, clear target information, and good safety and bioavailability., and these features can significantly accelerate the process of drug development and optimization. Therefore, the FDA-approved drug libraries are ideal tools for small molecule cell differentiation and drug relocation. The hit compounds screened from the libraries will provide the most beneficial clues for the subsequent drug optimization plans. FDA-approved drug libraries consist of thousands of special biologically active chemicals, all of which have been verified by clinical studies. The libraries can be used for cardiology, oncology, neurology, immunology and anti-inflammatory and other research. You can also choose custom libraries services to meet your specific requirements.

Clinical compound libraries have collected thousands of compounds that have entered clinical trials. These compounds have undergone a large number of pre-clinical research experiments and have the characteristics of high activity, low toxicity and clear mechanism. They can be used for research in anti-cancer, anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, neurological, cardiovascular and digestive system diseases, and are effective tools to realize drug repurposing and cell induction.

Drug repurposing compound libraries are a collection of thousands of compounds that have been marketed and successfully passed clinical phase I. These compounds have diverse structures, are biologically active and can permeate cells, and are suitable for drug screening and research on various popular diseases.

In addition, activity-based libraries also include some active libraries composed of common attributes, such as stem cell signaling compound libraries, DNA damage compound libraries, histone modification research compound libraries, human endogenous mmetabolite compound libraries and bioactive lipid compound libraries, etc.

Adult stem cells have the ability to self-renew and differentiate into specific cell types, and play an important role in tissue homeostasis and regeneration. The self-renewal ability of stem cells is mainly reflected in their multiple or unlimited differentiation ability. Some signaling pathways such as Notch, Wnt, Hedgehog and JAK signaling pathways and Polycomb family proteins are involved in the self-renewal process of stem cells. In order to produce specialized cells related to regenerative medicine, drug screening, disease or developmental models, researchers must control and direct the differentiation of stem cells. The differentiation direction of cells can be induced by natural or chemically synthesized small molecules. Our stem cell signaling compound libraries are a unique collection of bioactive small molecule compounds related to stem cell signaling pathways, providing effective tools for stem cell related research.

DNA damage and repair is the process of repeated operation of cells, which can protect the cell genome from damage and mutation and is essential for cell survival. Various metabolic activities of the human body and environmental factors may cause DNA damage. If DNA cannot be repaired in time, the cells will become senescent, apoptotic or cancerous. In addition, cancer cells have high DNA damage repair activity, which makes cancer cells resistant to a variety of chemotherapy drugs. Therefore, research on DNA damage/repair is of great significance to human health. Our DNA damage compound libraries contain active small molecules related to DNA damage and repair, which are powerful tools for DNA damage/repair related research.

Histone modification refers to the process of chemical modification of histones under the action of related enzymes, such as methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation, adenylation, ubiquitination, ADP ribosylation, etc. Histone modification can affect gene expression by changing the structure of chromatin or recruiting histone modifiers. Therefore, histone modification plays a role in a variety of biological processes, such as transcription activation and inactivation, chromosome packaging, DNA damage and repair, etc. Quantitative detection of various histone modifications will provide useful information for a better understanding of the epigenetic regulation of cell metabolism and promote the development of targeted drugs for histone modification enzymes.

The composition of endogenous metabolites is affected by factors such as proteome and genome, environment, lifestyle, drugs and underlying diseases. Methods of diagnosing malignant tumors, screening drugs, and evaluating drug toxicity based on abnormal changes of metabolites have gradually become research hotspots. Human endogenous metabolites have better bioavailability. Human endogenous metabolite compound libraries are useful tools for metabolomics and metabolism-related drug discovery.

Scientific research has shown that a variety of lipid molecules can regulate the fatty acid composition of tissues or induce cell signaling pathways, and have the effect of promoting health. Active lipid compound libraries are a collection of lipids and lipid derivatives related compounds, including triglycerides, phospholipids, sphingolipids, steroids and their structural analogs or derivatives, and are useful tools for discovering lipid drugs.

At BOC Sciences, our customers will get various kinds of synthetic and analytical instrumentations. Activity-based libraries at BOC Sciences contain diverse biological and pharmacological compounds, which can be used as high-content screening materials. A complete report or certificate of the chemical structure of each compound is also provided to ensure the quality.


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