Solubility Analysis

Solubility Analysis

Solubility analysis represents the process of determining the dissolution profile of a compound in a given volume of solvent. Determination of the solubility for drug substances has a significant effect on bio/pharmaceutical development and is favorable for a preliminary understanding of the pharmacodynamic properties. Especially for the oral dosage forms, a comprehensive analysis of solubility is an early indication of whether the compounds are easy or difficult to develop.

Below is a list of our Solubility Analysis Services:

Building a full range pH solubility profiles

Most of the compounds for drug application are weak acid or base, and their solubility can be signally influenced by the pH of the solution. For example, certain simple binary compounds such as oxides and sulfides have an obvious pH dependent solubility behavior. Therefore, comprehensive evaluation of the pH solubility profiles for a drug candidate has a pivotal effect to determine the potential absorption rate, bioavailability and pharmacological action of an end pharmaceutical product. Through comprehensive analysis of the molecule structure, crystal/salt form and other related properties, our experts are capable of building a full range pH solubility profiles for your products being tested.

There has been a tendency in drug discovery towards those molecules with increased lipophilicity, which then leads to a wide array of drug candidates with decreasing aqueous solubility. Since per oral drug administration is still the most convenient and popular method for drug delivery, aqueous solubility therefore represents one of the important parameters influencing biological activity, formulation and in vitro and in vivo biopharmaceutical performance. Unlike the simple aqueous buffers, drug solubility in simulated intestinal or gastric fluid can directly reflect the dissolution profiles of a drug candidate in vivo.

Recognizing the fact that formulation of those compounds with poor aqueous solubility is a always challenged by unsatisfactory bioavailability, solubility enhancement is hence one of the most concerned areas in drug development. To improve the solubility of your hydrophobic drugs, BOC Sciences can applied a series of techniques such as particle size reduction, inclusion complexation, solid dispersions, salt formation and certain relatively newer techniques including micro emulsion, Nano sizing and supercritical fluid processing.

Why Choose BOC Sciences?

BOC Sciences provides clients with complete custom dissolution profile of your active ingredients in various solvents including inorganic solvents with different pH values, organic solvents, simulated intestinal or gastric fluid and other solvents according to your needs. Moreover, our experts are specialized in offering solubility enhancement services through a wide array of techniques and methods.

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