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Formulation Development

At BOC Science, our staff are proud to address your pharmaceutical development challenges. Whether you have a small molecular API or macromolecular biological product project, our goal is to help your molecular speed through early stages of testing and prepare you for commercial success faster. When you start working with us, your project will immediately benefit from our years of experience and deep expertise. Our experts are specialized in the design and development of various dosage forms including but not limited to tablets, capsules, creams, lotions, ointments, gels, non-sterile liquids and suspensions as well as sustained or extend formulations. The reputation of its partners is based on quality and excellence in experience.

Below is a list of our formulation development services (include but not limited to the following):

The initial route detects intermediate products and API procurement, and we cover every step of its development. Small molecules have considerable advantages over large molecules. They can produce strong therapeutic effects at low doses, usually below 10 nanogrammes, or even up to micrograms. Smaller quantities of APIs, coupled with the maturity of chemical manufacturing technologies, usually translate into lower commodity costs than macromolecular therapies. Small molecule analysis technology is highly refined to ensure quality, efficacy and reproducibility.

Oral solid preparations (tablets and capsules) are some of the most popular and convenient methods of drug delivery. They can be produced in a non-aseptic environment. After more than 100 years of development, their processes, equipment and technologies have been well defined and understood. Such facilities typically include warehouses with receiving and shipping areas, clean processing rooms, clean support processing zones for rapid turnover, without unacceptable risks of product exposure (eg. dust and cross-contamination).

Soft gel technology is becoming an increasingly popular dosage form in the market of prescription drug (Rx) and over-the-counter drug (OTC). From better stability to easier swallowing, soft gel formulations offer many benefits.

Various dosage forms, including large and small parenteral tracts, liquid and freeze-dried vials, prefilled syringes and cartridges. For example, formulation and process development; development and optimization of freeze-drying cycles; proper treatment of sensitive and valuable drugs; clinical trial services, including prefilled syringes and automatic syringe components.

Acting as a well-established tool, LCM has been widely use to maximize sales, greater profitability, intensify competitive edge and retain market share. LCM planning is no doubt continue to be the most optimal and popular strategy for addressing the declining R&D productivity and stricter reimbursement demands, especially in the increasingly competitive market.

Equipped with the latest analytical platforms and top-notch techniques, our product development teams can work with our customers to optimize the technology, formulation components, manufacture procedure, dosage forms and advance the product concepts to clinical trials and commercial manufacture. To meet your solubilization improvement requirements, we can provide a broad suite of technologies and formulation approaches such as micronization, spray dried amorphous solid dispersion and other techniques.


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