Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) is a technique that has been used over the years in chemical analysis for the identification of substances and is one that may be applied to the characterization of microorganisms. FTIR also offers a high-efficiency approach for drug characterization, especially in drug release, because of its high spectral resolution and fast acquisition times. BOC Sciences can provide a range of analytical services based on FTIR.

Development and application of FTIRDevelopment and application of FTIR (Song Y. et at. 2020)

Advantages of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)

Compared with other detection methods and technique, the FTIR technique is more convenient, efficient, non-destructive, low cost, and label free. Given its advantages of short determination time and high precision and its capabilities of multi-index simultaneous, continuous, and non-damage determination, FTIR has been widely used in drug research and included in many national pharmacopoeia as a legal method.

MethodsOperating conditionsAdvantagesDisadvantagesApplication
FTIRRelatively high sampleconcentration in aqueous solutionHigh sensitivity and accuracy (imaging at nanoscale), easy to operate, nondestructive, eco-friendly (no additive), wide range of application, rapidly qualitative and quantitative analysis.Need standard reference, and susceptible to interference by hydroxy peaks in waterIdentification of chemical
structure and composition,
characterization of crystalline
and amorphous phases,
molecular kinetic process,
compatibility of blends and
molecular interactions
RAMANHigh power laserSimple operation, short determination time and high sensitivity.Easily affected by optical system parameters, fluorescence and other factorsIdentification of chemical structure and composition, characterization of crystalline and amorphous phases, molecular kinetic process, compatibility of blends and molecular interactions and component quantitative analysis
UVLow polarity solvent are recommended and sample absorption band in solvent transparency limitWide application, simple operation, high sensitivity and good selectivity.Sample damageDetermination of compound concentration, auxiliaryanalysis of compound structure
NMRRelatively high sample concentration in aqueous solution and no magnetic material interferenceFast and simple operation, accurate measurement and high repeatability.Professional and expensiveIdentification of chemical structure and composition and polymer characterization
TEMUncharged sheet samplesHigh resolution for observation of ultrastructureComplex preparation and radiation damageObservation of submicroscopic structure
SEMUncharged sheet samplesSimple sample preparation, large depth of field, wide magnification range, three-dimensional sense and high voxel resolutionAbnormal contrast, image deformities or drifts, highlights and bright linesObservation of surface morphology

Main pharmaceutical application of FTIRMain pharmaceutical application of FTIR (Song Y. et at. 2020)

Our Services

  • Identification of functional groups

The identification of functional groups and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is is the basis of other research, including drug mechanism and design. Such as comfirmation of carrier synthesis and verification of drug entrapment.

  • Preparation characterization

Drug Microstructure

Verification of drug authenticity

  • Determilation drug content
  • Polymorphism
  • Drug release and diffusion
  • Biological sample detection

FTIR has become an indispensable detection method on account of its unique advantages, such as high sensitivity, low cost, and zero damage. Combined with other apparatus and analytical methods, the limitations of the conventional infrared technique have been improved or overcome partially. Want to know more about our FTIR analysis services, please contact us.

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