Hand Sanitizers Formulation

Hand Sanitizers Formulation

COVID-19 epidemic led to a serious shortage of hand sanitizers, we put a lot of existing resources into the preparation development of these key products. BOC Sciences with experienced chemists would provide customers with custom hand sanitizers formulations services.


Hand sanitizer is used to eliminate bacteria and viruses and other liquids, gels or foams. The recipes vary widely. Many active ingredients are used, such as benzalkonium chloride, but the most effective disinfection products are based on alcohols, usually isopropanol or ethanol. Usually, the alcohol content is 60 to 95%. Alcohols are usually mixed with carbomer aqueous dispersions such as carbomer to provide gelation, although some products have low viscosity and can be used in foam dispensers. Other ingredients include moisturizers and spices, and occasionally pigments can be added.

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Hand Sanitizers Formulation

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