HTS Libraries

High throughput screening (HTS) technology is based on experimental methods at the molecular and cellular levels...

HTS Libraries

High throughput screening (HTS) technology is an experimental methods at the molecular and cellular levels. It uses a microplate format as an experimental tool carrier, performs an experimental process with an automated operating system, collects experimental data with sensitive and rapid detection instruments, and uses computer to process and analyze data. It detects tens of millions of samples at the same time, and supports the running technical system through the corresponding database. HTS is micro, fast, sensitive and accurate. In short, you can get a lot of valuable information in an experiment by using HTS.

HTS Libraries

As the current mainstream drug screening method, high-throughput screening technology has the advantages of small amount, rapidity, sensitivity and accuracy, and can screen thousands of samples at the same time. This technology relies heavily on a large number of compound libraries with high structural diversity. At the same time, for the research direction of different topics of the high-throughput screening platform, the diversity of potential targets is also very important.

Our Advantages

  • Rich inventory and fast update speed
  • Clear targets, covering multiple research signal pathways
  • Libraries with good drug-like properties, diversity, high quality and high purity

BOC Sciences's small molecule compound libraries for high-throughput screening contain more than 1.6 million compounds, involving 5,000 scaffolds and 300 potential targets.

These libraries have been extensively validated in our in-house bioassays and external partner laboratories, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and screening centers. All compounds in these libraries have been strictly controlled by NMR, HPLC and other technical means to ensure that their purity is> 90%.

The entire HTS compound collection will be constantly updated with new screening compounds. These compounds cover a broad chemical space and have the best physicochemical properties for medicinal chemistry and drug discovery processes. In the design and screening of compound libraries, we have identified a range of methods to ensure the diversity and high specificity of compound libraries.

Preparation workflow of HTS LibrariesPreparation workflow of HTS Libraries

We can also provide novel fragment libraries, targeted screening libraries, activity-based libraries, and diversity libraries based on customer needs. Each library can be carefully designed for each research field.

The compound is highly selectable. We accept customized services based on customers' specific screening needs, and can deliver goods according to your requirements within a short time.

BOC Sciences's services meet the most advanced standards and have recognized advantages. If you have plans to build high-throughput screening compound libraries, please feel free to contact us.


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