Antibody-Fluorophore Conjugate

Antibody-Fluorophore Conjugate

More than 60 years ago, Coons and his partners first reported the coupling of fluorescent parts with antibodies to produce labeled antibody reagents, which has become a routine and important step in bioscience and medicine. Labeling antibodies with fluorescent dyes provides a colored reagent that can be directly observed. The intensity and narrow wavelength of fluorescent dye make fluorescent dye a useful tool in immunochemistry. Many of our tags can be used with multiple antibodies that do not cross-react to create customized multiple detection methods.

Application of Antibody Fluorescent Dye Labeling

In the laboratory, the use of fluorescent labeled antibodies is steadily increasing. Because the fluorescent dye binds directly to the antibody, the detection does not require enzyme / substrate or binding interaction. Therefore, the number of fluorescence signals detected is proportional to the number of target proteins in the sample. Fluorescence labeling is used for fluorescence Western analysis, flow cytometry, and if and can be used for highly quantitative analysis.

Our Services

We provide a variety of antibody and protein labeling kits for direct labeling of a variety of high intensity fluorescent dyes and markers, including but not limit following:

  • Alexa Fluor dye
  • DyLight Fluor dye
  • Qdot marker
  • Phycoerythrin (R-PE), APC and Alexa Fluor tandems
  • Traditional fluorophores - e.g. FITC, TRITC, Texas Red
  • Biotins and other haptens
  • IgG antibodies range from less than 10 μ g to 1 mg.
  • Direct labeling of antibodies allows you to use more than one antibody of the same species in a single trial.

Our Advantages

  • The minimum dose is only 1 mg.
  • The standard packing size is 10 mg.
  • Compared with indirect immunofluorescence, the background was reduced.
  • Quick staining.
  • Simplify multi-signal analysis (for example, co-location studies).
  • Allow the use of multiple antibodies from the same species.
  • High quality, purified monoclonal antibodies guaranteed to work in your application.

All of our services are seamlessly integrated to create your custom solutions and facilitate your research. Continue your custom antibody generation with our antibody fluorescent labeling service. If you are interested in the services we can provide and would like more detailed information, please feel free to contact us and get exclusive technical support services. Our project manager will contact you as soon as possible and help you design appropriate agreements to meet your specific requirements.


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