Oligopeptide Synthesis

Oligopeptide Synthesis

What is Oligopeptide?

Oligopeptides are a lower classification classification of peptides, with molecular weight segments generally below 1000 daltons, also known as small peptides, oligopeptides or small molecule active peptides. Oligopeptides are typically 2 to 20 amino acid residues in length and are formed by condensing them with each other. Peptides with more than 20 amino acids are called polypeptides, and peptides with more than 50 amino acids are also called proteins. Oligopeptides differ from other peptides in that their small molecular weight allows them to have higher skin permeability than polypeptides and are easily absorbed directly into the skin. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications in the skin care and cosmetic development industry. Oligopeptides are involved in a series of important components of biological processes, covering important functions such as cell signaling, enzyme activity and protein structure. It is their compact size that makes them easier to synthesize and modify, making them the best building blocks for creating and synthesizing functional materials.

Oligopeptides.Figure 1. Oligopeptides.

What is the Difference between Oligopeptide and Polypeptide

The difference between oligopeptide and polypeptide.Figure 2. The difference between oligopeptide and polypeptide.

What is the Use of Oligopeptide for Skin?

Activating Skin Cells

  • Promoting the division of basal epidermal cells, accelerating their renewal rate, and rejuvenating skin cells.
  • Stimulating fibroblast collagen production to increase skin elasticity.
  • Promoting the proliferation of vascular endothelial cells, facilitating the formation of the skin's microvascular network, increasing skin blood flow, resulting in a healthy complexion, and offering excellent results for facial redness and broken capillaries.

Boosting Skin Cell Metabolism

  • Preventing excess melanin production and darkening, enhancing melanin excretion.
  • Accelerating cellular metabolism, preventing the accumulation of harmful metabolic byproducts within cells.

Enhancing Moisturizing Effects

Rich in hydrophilic moisturizing factors that can lock in moisture, providing excellent moisturizing effects, reducing sebum production, and maintaining skin hydration.

Eliminating Free Radicals

Utilizing advanced technology to activate basal layer skin cells, promoting the generation of new cells for the purpose of achieving skin whitening.

Delaying Aging

Specifically designed for skin cell repair, it functions similarly to cell factors, with small molecules for easy absorption, corresponding to various skin cells. It effectively repairs skin issues, enhances skin vitality, and delays skin aging.

BOC Sciences' Oligopeptide Synthesis Service

Oligopeptide synthesis is a small branch of peptide synthesis that is more suitable for cosmetic and skincare R&D. BOC Sciences' peptide synthesis technology allows for the synthesis of low molecular weight peptides of specific sequences, covering design, synthesis, and purification in a one-stop service.

Oligopeptide Design and Synthesis

You can provide your own designed oligopeptide sequences, or our peptide experts can design the right oligopeptide sequences for you according to your specific research objectives and application needs. You can choose to add specific chemical modifications or labeling to your oligopeptides for specific experiments or applications. Multiple types of oligopeptide customization services are available.

  • Linear Oligopeptides
  • Crosslinked Oligopeptides
  • Modified Oligopeptides

Purification and Quality Control

Synthetic oligopeptides often require high purity to ensure the accuracy of research results, and BOC Sciencesdes oligopeptide synthesis services often include quality control steps, such as mass spectrometry and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), to ensure the purity and accuracy of the oligopeptides.

Why BOC Sciences?

High Purity: BOC Sciences' products undergo multiple steps of purification and quality control to ensure the high purity of the oligopeptides.

Versatility: BOC Sciences offers a wide range of oligopeptide products in various classifications to meet the needs of different customers.

Customizability: BOC Science's products have professional technical support to provide customized oligopeptides according to your different project needs.

Price Advantage: BOC Science's oligopeptide products guarantee high cost performance.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about obtainable stock and customization synthesis services for oligopeptide products.

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