Diversity libraries

Diversity libraries

The collection of small molecule compounds with drug-like diversity is an effective tool for scientific research and new drug target screening, and is a high-quality choice for high-throughput screening (HTS), high-content screening (HCS) and computer virtual screening. BOC Sciences has rich professional experience and can select compounds with good drug-like properties to provide a variety of cost-effective and diverse libraries for high-throughput screening platforms. Our diverse libraries are suitable for a variety of analyses, such as biochemical analysis, phenotypic analysis and other cell-based analysis.

Our Advantages

  • The compounds fit Lipinski guidelines for "Drug-likeness" and the purity is greater than 90%
  • Pre-plated sets and customized options are available
  • Diverse libraries with reliable quality
  • A team with rich professional experience

BOC Sciences provides customers with diverse libraries:

Discovery Diversity Sets

Discovery diversity sets are ideal tools for the drug discovery process. The drug discovery process requires high-quality drugs and lead-like compounds with novel chemical structures to screen new targets from different categories or validated popular targets. We offer a variety of diversity sets with different numbers of compounds. There are no structurally identical compounds between these diversity sets. They can complement each other to develop more extensive diversity screening libraries.

Preparation workflow of discovery diversity sets Fig.1 Preparation workflow of discovery diversity sets

Covalent inhibitors, also called irreversible inhibitors, are a class of inhibitors that irreversibly bind to the target protein through covalent bonds to exert their biological functions. Covalent inhibitors play an important role in drug development due to their excellent pharmacokinetic characteristics. Covalent inhibitor libraries contain independent sub-libraries for different amino acid residues, such as cysteine, serine, lysine, glutamic acid, etc., which are useful tools for irreversible inhibition of drug discovery and can be used for high-throughput screening and High-content screening.

Distribution of covalent warhead Fig.2 Distribution of covalent warhead (Scarpino, A.; et al. 2018)

Phenotypic screening has proven its role in small molecule drug discovery and has become an increasingly popular method for finding new active ingredients. The design of compound libraries is the key to any successful screening. Generally, the main method for designing libraries for phenotypic screening is to select a set of compounds with the most diverse chemical properties based on characteristics such as molecular scaffolds or chemical structures. We considered the best balance between the diversity of biological activities and the diversity of small molecule structures to design diverse phenotype libraries, which can be used to screen different protein categories and diseases.

Preparation workflow of Phenotypic Libraries Fig.3 Preparation workflow of Phenotypic Libraries

BOC Sciences has carefully selected a variety of lead-like and drug-like molecules covering the most extensive chemical space and designed diverse libraries, which are rich in related molecules with excellent physical and chemical properties that can be used in the process of drug discovery. We can quickly provide customers with products and analogs to meet the needs of subsequent experimental research. In addition, we also provide customers with customized services to meet their specific screening needs.


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