Custom Libraries

Custom Libraries

Chemical libraries contain a collection of diversity of real or virtual chemical compounds, which offers customers a powerful guarantee for custom synthesis. These custom libraries utilize an advanced, chemistry-focused proprietary technology platform, which meets the most challenging quality standards of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

Below is a list of our Custom Libraries Services:

API libraries

The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is an important component of drug and can produce therapeutic efficacy. There are mainly three sources of API in our libraries:

➤ API came from the natural medicine. Natural medicine is an important part of the drug. For example, artemisinin, an antimalarial active ingredient for treating malaria, is extracted from Artemisia annua.

➤ API screened by pharmacological model. Through high-throughput screening, researchers could find drug components with pharmacological activity, and determine the structure of the active compound.

➤ API obtained according to the physiological and pathological mechanism design. For example, the antineoplastic drugs are obtained by changing the 5-bit hydrogen into fluorine of uracil nucleotides.

The importance of chiral drugs in the field of drug development should not be underestimated. In the pharmaceutical industry, 56% of the drugs currently used are chiral molecules. Although enantiomers of chiral drugs are similar in structure, they show significant differences in pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, and metabolism.

Stable isotopes are atoms without radioactivity. Although they do not emit radiation, their unique nature enables them to be widely used in a variety of applications, including water and soil management, environmental studies, nutrition assessment studies, and forensic medicine. By measuring the amount and proportion of stable isotopes of the sample, for example water samples, the origin, history, and interaction of water, carbon and nitrogen cycles can be traced. Stable isotopes can also be used as tracers to be added into the system, such as agriculture or nutrition.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) describes a set of principles and procedures to ensure the quality of the product. One of the basic principles of GMP is that the quality system must be established in each batch at all stages of the production process. The different types of therapeutic drugs determine the different GMP codes.

Why Choose BOC Sciences?

BOC Sciences provides high-quality and cost-effective custom libraries. Our advanced and flexible chemistry-focused proprietary technology platform enables us to take full use of our synthetic pharmaceutical and computational chemistry resources to design and produce a wide variety of highly targeted chemical libraries. We are also able to generate chemical libraries for different requirements of size, purity, and format for our customers.


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