Chemical Resynthesis

Chemical Resynthesis

The discovery and development of a new drug entity (NDE) is a complex, costly and time-consuming process, in which chemical resynthesize is an essential procedure after library screening. If one of the substances shows enough activity to be further investigated, it should be resynthesized to provide enough quantities (up to several grams) for activity verification and structure optimization, further to pass all necessary tests such as toxicological test and ADME researches in preclinical development.

Traditionally, chemical synthesis is the main source of new structural classes for biological testing in drug discovery. Chemical synthesis is the purposeful execution by physical and chemical manipulations usually involving various reactions in order to get a target product, or several products. In modern laboratory usage, a large number of rigorous and meticulous works are required to make sure that the process is reproducible and reliable.

BOC Sciences is skilled at tackling complex synthetic routes with ease. Usually, the initial synthesis of the target of interest is executed on small milligrams scale for activity screening. Additionally, we have the capability of rapid scale-up to deliver multigram quantities for further testing. BOC Sciences is proud of the record in synthesizing quality compounds at rapid speed. We provide integrated services as follows:

Synthesis design

By the functional groups on the target compounds, our chemists can work backward by retrosynthetic analyses, through a logical sequence of reactions until finding the suitable starting materials and the optimum synthetic route.

Optimization is where starting compounds are tested in the reaction under a wide variety of conditions of temperature, solvent, reaction time, and so on, until the optimum conditions for product yield and purity are found. 

Most small molecule drugs are chiral compounds as one pure enantiomer. Therefore, asymmetric synthesis is often a key step in total synthesis route. Asymmetric catalysis and chiral resolutions can be directed to produce only one enantiomer rather than a racemic mixture.

A total synthesis is the complete chemical synthesis of complex organic molecules from simple, commercially available or natural precursors. Often the aim is to discover new route of synthesis for a target molecule for which there already exist known routes. Sometimes no route exists and chemists wish to find a viable route for the first time.

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