Bioconjugation is a set of techniques allowing site-specific creation of a covalent link between a biomolecule and an exogenous moiety...


Bioconjugation is a set of techniques allowing site-specific creation of a covalent link between a biomolecule and an exogenous moiety that endow it with desirable properties. This novel hybrid having the combined properties of its individual components can serve, for instance, as a more stable and efficient therapeutic, an assembly for studying proteins in the biological context, a new protein-based material, a microarray, a biological material, a tool for immobilization, and for elucidation of the structure of proteins. For example, bioconjugation can be used to deliver therapeutic oligonucleotides to their pharmacological targets in diseased cells. Molecular-scale conjugates can be prepared by directly linking targeting ligands with oligonucleotides and the final conjugates can selectively integrate with cell surface receptors in target cells in diseased tissues, which can achieve target delivery. In a word, bioconjugation plays an important role in the recent development of biotherapeutics and chemical biology approaches.

BioconjugationFigure.1 the conjugation of biomolecule

BOC Sciences is an expert at various bioconjugation techniques and works closely with our customers. We can provide you with high quality standards and punctual delivery of bioconjugation services. Our professional chemistry team is well trained to focus on the bioconjugation techniques. In general, your requirement will be satisfied as fast as possible and the bioconjugation services we can offer are as follows.

Biomolecule labeling generally refers to cross-linking or modification in any form, whose purpose is to conjugate a chemical group with target molecules through single, bifunctional or heterofunctional cross linkers to aid in detection. The chemical group can be fluorescent, biotin, haptens, nanoparticles and other target functional group and the target molecules can be proteins, nucleic acids and other biomolecules. Biomolecule labeling plays an important role for the elucidation of complicated biological processes and is highly useful in the construction of various small-molecule probes to explore complex biological systems. Labeled biomolecules can be applied as signaling molecules, tools in molecular biology, drugs in medicine. BOC Sciences can offer you with various biomolecule labeling services such as biotin labeling, fluorescent labeling, and enzyme labeling. What’s more, we can even offer custom signal molecule conjugation service which can provide new small molecules, modification of existing molecules according to your demand.

Antibodies are highly specific molecules which can bind with high affinity to their cognate antigens. As tools, antibodies can be the primary choice as targeting moieties in targeted drug delivery and immunoassay or detection applications. Antibody conjugation refers to the conjugation of antibodies or their fragments with biologically active molecules such as nucleic acids, proteins or any molecular groups, which can improve or add valuable physico-chemical, toxicological and pharmacological properties. Antibody conjugates are important in many fields of medicine and biological research. For example, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are becoming an important next generation class of therapeutics for cancer treatment and achieve tremendous clinical success for cancer therapy because of careful optimization of several parameters, including monoclonal antibody specificity (mAbs), drug potency, linker technology, and the stoichiometry and placement of conjugated drugs. In addition to antibody-drug conjugates, BOC Sciences also achieves other antibody conjugates with antibody conjugation techniques such as antibody-polymer conjugates, antibody-enzyme conjugates.

BOC Sciences also provides additional conjugation services in addition to what we mentioned above, such as peptide bioconjugation, protein bioconjugation, enzyme bioconjugation, liposome bioconjugation, PEGylation, and nano to macro particles. These conjugation services can be used in various biological applications. For example, the bioconjugation between enzyme such as Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) and oligonucleotides, peptides or proteins acts as signal molecules in various applications.

BOC Sciences can provide varieties of bioconjugation services you need. Our bioconjugation chemists are most professional and we have competence and confidence to meet your demand for creating novel conjugates that can be quickly and accurately. Glad to hear your comments and look forward to cooperating with you.

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