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Computer-aided drug design (CADD) is a widely used technology using computational tools and resources for the storage, management, analysis and modeling of compounds. It relies on digital repositories for the study of designing compounds with physicochemical characteristics, predicting whether a given molecule will be combined with the target, and if so how strongly. Computer-based methods can help us to search new hits in drug discovery, screening many irrelevant compounds at the same time and study the structure-activity relationship of drug molecules.


Lead optimization is a diversified operation in drug discovery, in which the chemical structures of compounds or biologics are modified to improve target’s specificity, selectivity, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and toxicological properties to generate preclinical drug candidates. In order to understand the need for lead optimization, it is important to determine the basic characteristics of leads, and in order to make a compound a drug sample, at least five basic attributes need to be considered including potency, bioavailability, duration, safety, and pharmaceutical acceptability.



BOC Sciences is a contract research organization (CRO) supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutes and academic groups. We provide libraries and services for the early stage of drug discovery.

Our Capabilities

An equivalent of a big pharma discovery team from BOC Sciences will collaborate closely with you to make your project a success-from screening of drug candidates to delivering robust formulations. Our unparalleled platforms and excellent drug discovery expertise enable us to provide you the depth and breadth in science with comprehensive data and unique insight that can progress your drug discovery programs.



BOC Sciences offers dedicated services to support and accelerate fundamental research in academic laboratories, government institutions, non-governmental organizations and foundations.


BOC Sciences supports technology transfer organizations (TTO, SATT) in their valorization mission. We provide services that contribute to proof-of-concept programs and IP reinforcement needed for the development of innovations.


BOC Sciences offers a wide range of services for small molecule drug discovery. We help biotech and biopharma companies to address drug development challenges and provide the best quality research services.


BOC Sciences is a drug discovery partner for the pharmaceutical industries. We offer solutions from early discovery up to preclinical research phase.